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  Holle Organic Infant Formula 1 400g
  8,49 EUR 1 x 'Holle Organic Infant Formula 1 400g' order  
  Holle Organic Infant Follow-on Formula 2 600g
  11,59 EUR 1 x 'Holle Organic Infant Follow-on Formula 2 600g' order  
  Holle Organic Growing-up Milk 4 600g
  11,69 EUR 1 x 'Holle Organic Growing-up Milk 4 600g' order  
  Lebenswert bio Organic Infant Formula 1 500g
  9,79 EUR 1 x 'Lebenswert bio Organic Infant Formula 1 500g' order  
  Holle Organic Infant Follow-on Formula 3 600g
  11,69 EUR 1 x 'Holle Organic Infant Follow-on Formula 3 600g' order  
  Holle Organic Infant Goat Milk Follow-On Formula 2 400g
  14,89 EUR 1 x 'Holle Organic Infant Goat Milk Follow-On Formula 2 400g' order  
  Lebenswert bio Organic Follow-up Formula 2 500g
  9,79 EUR 1 x 'Lebenswert bio Organic Follow-up Formula 2 500g' order  
  Lebenswert bio Organic Follow-up Formula 3 475g
  9,79 EUR 1 x 'Lebenswert bio Organic Follow-up Formula 3 475g' order  
  Holle Organic Rice Porridge 250g
  3,79 EUR 1 x 'Holle Organic Rice Porridge 250g' order  
  Holle Organic Rolled Oats Porridge 250g
  3,49 EUR 1 x 'Holle Organic Rolled Oats Porridge 250g' order  
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  Holle Organic Infant Follow-on Formula 3 600g
 Holle Bio-Säuglings-Folgemilch 3 600g
  Price :   11,69 EUR ( 1,95 EUR per 100g )
    incl. Tax addt.
  Manufacturer :  Holle
  Product No. :  016610
  Weight :  0.82kg
  Number :  
When to start: from 10 months.

Attributes: Suitable if changing from breastfeeding or in the wake of the Infant Follow-on Formula 2. It is also suitable for feeding in a bottle until the third year after birth, but also ideal for use in preparing the Holle grain porridge range. Easy to digest, gluten free, no added sugar.

Preparation: the preparation of the formula is simple and quick. The milk powder has to be mixed and shaken with boiled water.

Step 1:

For efficient cleaning, you have to boil the bottle, the ring and the nipple before use 3-5 minutes.

Step 2:

Boil the water and cool it down to about 50 C. Fill half of the water into the vial (for portioning see table below).

Step 3:

Measure amount of powder according to the table and pour it into the vial. Fill the measuring spoon loose and straighten it with the back of a knife.

Step 4:

Shake the mixture of the powder and half the amount of water vigorously. Add remaining water and shake well again. Cool down to drinking temperature (37 C)

Meals per day

Drinkable nutriment (ml)

Number of Measuring spoons*

Water amount (ml)











*1 straight measuring spoon = 4,7g

Production: Holle Organic Infant Follow-on Formula is made of 99% of organically produced ingredients, for example organic milk from cows which have been kept in their natural environment.

Important Information: Breastfeeding is ideal for your baby. We recommend that you inform yourself about the priorities of breastfeeding by talking to a specialist. (doctor, dietician, pharmacist, early childhood centre)

Ingredients: skim milk*, skim milk powder*, vegetable oils*, maltodextrin*, sweet whey powder (partly demineralised)*, starch*, vitamins and minerals
* from organic agriculture

 Customer reviews
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Author :  Catherine (18.05.2017)
Evaluation :  TEXT_OF_5_STARS
Have ordered Holle formula for both my babies with no issues. So lucky to be able to ship this product to Canada, as the formula available here is such a lower quality.
Author :  Stephanie (08.07.2016)
Evaluation :  TEXT_OF_5_STARS
I was nervous ordering the Holle based on other reviews about shipping, but I had NO ISSUES! All the boxes arrived in 1 piece (small dents here and there but no affect on the formula at all). My son is happily able to drink this milk and I\'m grateful to be able to get it for a fraction of the cost of buying from an importer. Thank you so much for shipping to the US and for allowing moms / families to buy directly from you. You are a life saver for our babies (or at least mine). :) I am so happy that I just ordered more! :D
Author :  Thomas (06.02.2016)
Evaluation :  TEXT_OF_5_STARS
Fair price and great customer service. Shipping to the US worked great with DHL.
Author :  Ruby (09.07.2015)
Evaluation :  TEXT_OF_5_STARS
Based on other reviews I didn\'t expect the order would arrived the US in a month. But it only took about two weeks to be delivered to me. The order was shipped 6 days after it was placed, and I was told by the customer service that there would be a delay because the formula was not in stock. I placed the order on June 19th, it was shipped on 25th, and I got it on July 7th! All the boxes were packed really well, no missing parts or damages. I\'m so happy with it.
Author :  Jee Hee (16.02.2015)
Evaluation :  TEXT_OF_5_STARS
Customer service has yet to get back to me regarding the shipping issue below. 6 out of 8 formulas are about to go to waste and it was paid for. I am demanding a refund. I will continue to post until I receive a response.
Author :  Jee Hee (14.02.2015)
Evaluation :  TEXT_OF_5_STARS
This is a review regarding awful packaging and shipping to the US. Ordered Holle formula 3 on 1/4/15. It shipped out on 1/5/15. The package took extra long to deliver (I had sent 3 messages and barely got an answer that they will be putting an inquiry for investigation) and when it did actually make it, the box was all crushed, torn and soaking wet. What condition do you think the Holle formulas were in? Of course in absolute dispicable state. 6 out of the 8 formula boxes were soaked and had completely undone. The cardboards were undone and the silver aluminum were all exposed. The silver aluminum was fully soaked and beaten that formula was coming out. It was extremely battered that the plastic and the aluminum were coming apart in the 6 boxes. These formulas are contaminated as the wetness had soaked into the actual bags. I will not give my daughter these formulas as I will never risk my daughter\'s health. It is Biologisch 24\'s job to get the packages delivered safely to their customer. Especially when I am paying more than 40 for shipping alone. The entire package is worth more than $250. I am waiting on their response for a refund on the 6 boxes of formulas as well as the cost of shipping. They can fight it out with the shipping company. I am VERY upset that we waited 40 days to only get formulas my daughter cannot eat. We fully deserve a refund. I highly recommend people getting the formula delivered overseas to be extra careful with their shipping. I am waiting on a response from Biologisch 24. The pictures I sent them speak for themselves. I will post follow up reviews on their response as I think all customers deserve to know about their true service.
Author :  Ewa (18.01.2015)
Evaluation :  TEXT_OF_5_STARS
Author :  Ewa (18.01.2015)
Evaluation :  TEXT_OF_5_STARS
Author :  Lajos (17.05.2014)
Evaluation :  TEXT_OF_5_STARS
The best formula ever! We love it and will continue to use it. Shipping to Canada too!
Author :  Emma (08.02.2014)
Evaluation :  TEXT_OF_5_STARS
amazing! top ingredients, easy to digest baby poops twice a day!! goes great with solids as well! tried other organic formulas, bad idea, baby got rash and constipation. will never use anything else but holle!! I order to USA takes about a month I also got lots of great samples!!
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