Anti-Pollution Facial Care

Smog alert in big cities

Bad air in metropolitan areas makes our skin look old fast!

Our skin is our largest organ and it is exposed to damaging negative environmental influences all the time, everywhere, usually without protection. The fine micro-particles of particulate matter from car exhausts and industrial emissions cannot be seen with the naked eye and so often go unnoticed ? except by our skin! These negative environmental influences show on our skin in the form of redness, pimples and hypersensitivity reactions. Air pollution by combustion processes, dust and gases as well as UV rays help to promote the formation of free radicals. These in turn attack the molecules, proteins and lipids that are important for cell functioning. Premature skin ageing, skin damage, skin dehydration and pigmented moles can be the result. According to current studies, micro-particles affecting the skin can accelerate the ageing process by up to 10%*.

*Source: Robertet Group, New Beauty Territories ? Natural Collection
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