Martina Gebhardt Isatis Dental Teeth Cleansing Powder 60g

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  • With proven natural raw materials for the health of our skin and the skin of the earth
  • Less is more - Formulas with few ingredients, therefore especially suitable for allergy sufferers
  • sustainable due to the absence of outer packaging, plastic containers or tubes
  • With medicinal plants from Martina Gebhardt's own Demeter medicinal plant cultivation in the monastery Wessobrunn
  • preference for local ingredients and processing in Martina Gebhardt's own production

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The vegan oral hygiene revolution! 

The non-foaming toothpowder cleans with healing earth and diatomaceous earth as cleaning agent. Spagyric essences from Isatis, knotweed and sage have an antibacterial effect. The light menthol taste gives a fresh tooth feeling.

For natural dental care it is important to stimulate the flow of saliva, because it is already composed in such a way that a.) its alkaline PH value helps to prevent caries by not demineralizing the teeth and b.) balances the microflora of the oral mucosa. 

Application: Put the tooth powder on the wet toothbrush with a spatula or spoon and brush for 2 minutes. Rinse with water.

Ingredients: Healing chalk, diatomaceous earth, spag. isate essence**, spag. dyer's knotty essence**, sage tincture, essential oils of sage** and menthol*.

*controlled organic cultivation, **demeter.

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