Selecta Variola Ball Track System

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This is exciting. A rolling ball track to build yourself, constantly different, constantly new.

A winding serpentine course or a simple zigzag track can emerge, according to the age and ability of the small constructor. Pre-assembled parts make initial attempts easier for small master builders, even from one year old. It’s great fun to watch the ball rolls down, across barriers, through tunnels and ever faster. A starting spring ensures the necessary drive – off it goes!

contents: 21 wooden pieces, 1 wooden starting ramp (4,5 x 1,5 x 7 inches/ 11,5 x 4,2 x 17,8 cm), 1 winner’s bell, 2 wooden balls

size: max. 71 inches

Building possibilities:  (german)

WARNING: Not suitable for children under 10 months. Danger of injuries in the area of the throat.

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