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  Sonett Bio Bubbles 45ml
 Sonett Bio Bubbles Seifenblasen 45ml
  Price :   3,59 EUR ( 7,98 EUR per 100ml )
    incl. Tax addt.
  Manufacturer :  Sonett
  Product No. :  951677
  Weight :  0.78kg
  Number :  
The first bubble of raw materials in organic form

An outdoor toys to the delight of large and small people. The wonderfully colorful bubbles can be blown through three different sized blow rings and are to CE safety standard tested.

Also, the jar has a novelty. It is made of Polywood, a polyethylene with finely ground wood fiber, whereby more than 20% oil can be saved.

Ingredients (INCI): Aqua, Glycerine*, Alcohol*, Alkylpolyglucoside, Xanthan gum, Shellac.
*certified organically grown

pH: neutral

Biodegradation: In the manufacturing process of sugar surfactants, starch, sugar and fat parts are removed from the plant materials that will be preserved fully in their natural structure. It is therefore relatively easy for microorganisms to break down sugar surfactants very quickly and completely. Sugar surfactant applies to OECD as readily biodegradable. Ethanol and glycerol are broken down within a few hours back into the natural cycle.
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