Yaweco Interdental Brushes Medium >1,40mm 7pc.

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  • Replaceable brushes
  • Cleanses particularly effectively
  • Patented shape

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Refill pack Yaweco interdental brush for cleaning the interdental spaces

Circum® interdental brushes enable efficient all-round cleaning of the tooth and simultaneous massage of the gums. Better brush design allows easy insertion, even into smaller interdental spaces. Circum® interdental brushes are suitable for cleaning interdental spaces of natural and artificial teeth, implants, crowns and bridges as well as brackets.


  • Push brush into holder with little pressure (twist-and-push system). To change, press out with thumb.
  • Hold lip away at first so that you have a clear view during play.
  • Insert brush straight into interdental space, above papilla (gum triangle).
  • In case of slight resistance, apply brush straight, light shaking movements, never force into the interdental space. Regularly rinse the brush, clean each interdental space 2 times if possible.
  • It is best to clean the interdental spaces before brushing, do not use toothpaste or gel when cleaning the interdental spaces - it is not necessary and obstructs vision.
  • At the end, leave the cleaned brushes in the holder, place the holder/handle on the edge of the tooth cup and leave it open to dry.

Contents: 7 brushes, medium

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