Salus Floradix® Liquid Iron Formula, Tonic 700ml

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Iron supply for health and vitality

Vibrant Health begins with Iron-Rich Blood

Running out of steam? This time tested, non-constipating and well-known liquid iron and vitamin formula helps prevent iron deficiency.
Why does your body need iron? Because the body is constantly making new red blood cells through a complex process that requires a daily supply of iron.
If the supply of iron is inadequate it will lead to a lack of oxygen and nutrients in the blood, and will consequently weaken the whole body.

Floradix: A Quality Iron Supplement

Due to the high absorbability of Floradix, the recommended dosage can be much lower than other iron supplements while still satisfying daily supplemental iron requirements. This kind of absorbability is created through the form of the supplement (liquid) and the form(s) of iron (gluconate and yeast).

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