SantaVerde Aloepur Aloe Vera Juice Economy Pack 3x330ml

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100 % pure Aloe Vera juice

Only the pure, undiluted juice from fresh Aloe Vera leaves grown in our organically farmed fields is used in aloepur Aloe Vera juice. The leafes have stored the Andalusian sunlight for years until harvest time, and the precious juice contains a natural combination of hundreds of organically active vital substances. At the top of all these ingredients: Aloverose, the most important active ingredient. We guarantee that all our products contain a minimum of 1200 mg of Aloverose per litre Aloe Vera juice. The organic cultivation, the time-consuming peeling of the freshly harvested leaves by hand, and the gentle processing ensure that the natural complex of active ingredients is preserved optimally.

Ingredients: 100 % pure Aloe Vera juice from certified organic cultivation

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