Sonett Surface Disinfectant Spray Bottle 500ml

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100% vegetable, without petrochemistry

Pure vegetable ingredients distinguish this surface disinfectant, which is a real alternative to the known synthetic agents with their problematic side effects. Alcohol has been used for disinfection for centuries and no microorganisms resistant to alcohol are known today.

Application: Can be used by spraying or wiping. The product dries residue-free. Completely wet the clean objects and surfaces using the spray / wipe method. Ready to use solution. Disinfects all alcohol-resistant surfaces, work surfaces and equipment in sanitary areas, canteen kitchens and food processing.

Caution with electrical appliances: these should be switched off.

Ingredients: Active ingredient: vegetable alcohol (ethanol) 70%, Natural essential sage oil, certified organically grown <1%, Natural essential lavender oil, certified organically grown <1%, Water up to 100%.

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