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  Martina Gebhardt Eye Care 15ml
  12,49 EUR 1 x 'Martina Gebhardt Eye Care 15ml' order  
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  Martina Gebhardt Rose Lotion 100ml
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  Martina Gebhardt Rose Tonic 100ml
  10,59 EUR 1 x 'Martina Gebhardt Rose Tonic 100ml' order  
  Martina Gebhardt Ginseng Lotion 100ml
  22,89 EUR 1 x 'Martina Gebhardt Ginseng Lotion 100ml' order  
  Martina Gebhardt Sheabutter Cleanser 150ml
  13,29 EUR 1 x 'Martina Gebhardt Sheabutter Cleanser 150ml' order  
  Martina Gebhardt Ginseng Tonic 100ml
  12,89 EUR 1 x 'Martina Gebhardt Ginseng Tonic 100ml' order  
  Martina Gebhardt Rose Cream 50ml
  18,49 EUR 1 x 'Martina Gebhardt Rose Cream 50ml' order  
  Martina Gebhardt Ginseng Cream 50ml
  19,89 EUR 1 x 'Martina Gebhardt Ginseng Cream 50ml' order  
 Main page » Catalogue » Natural cosmetics » Martina Gebhardt » 550255
  Martina Gebhardt Eye Care 15ml
 Martina Gebhardt Eye Care 15ml
  Price :   12,49 EUR ( 83,27 EUR per 100ml )
    incl. Tax addt.
  Manufacturer :  Martina Gebhardt
  Product No. :  550255
  Weight :  0.08kg
  Number :  

The delicate skin around the eyes quickly absorbs this very mild and vitamin-rich avocado oil. Helps keep the skin smooth and elastic and prevents premature wrinkling.

Ingredients: Aqua, Persea Gratissima*, Lanolin, Rosa Damascena*, Citrus Amara*, Cera Flava*, Butyrospermum Parkii*, Theobroma Cacao*, Tocopherol.
* from certified organic cultivation or Demeter contract cultivation

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