Boochen - Eco-Conscious Surfwear

Boochen is a brand founded in Hannover, Germany. The founders, besides their experience in the fashion industry, have a great passion for surfing and decided to create swimwear that not only survives a surf session without slipping, but also does something against the pollution of the ocean. What boochen stands for: boo is short for blue ocean obsessed. And-chen is a German minimization. A combination of these two words shows the philosophy of designing something that is not only good for people but also good for the planet.

To implement this concept, the founders have teamed up with Econyl® and use fibers derived from sea waste. In addition, the bikini should be able to be used as long as possible to avoid more production waste. Therefore boochen works with Lycra® Extra Life. These fibers protect you from UV light and at the same time ensure that the bikini stays in shape 5 times longer than a normal bikini. All bikinis are designed with adjustable details so you can fit in all conditions and also have the relax option if you just want to relax on the beach. In addition, all bikinis are reversible, so you have two styles to choose from at once.

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