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HiPP is the leader in quality and sustainability

The name of HiPP has stood for ecological agriculture and sustainable values for over 50 years. The company works closely with environmental and ecological organisations, supporting a future free from genetic engineering and playing an active role in the "Biodiversity in Good Company Initiative" to protect biodiversity.

With the amount of different varieties and types of HiPP organic baby formula, you surely ask yourself where is the difference, which milk is right for my baby?

This question is as individual to answer as it is your child itself! Therefore, this question is not so easy to answer, but we from Biologisch24 would like to give you a rough direction which Variety and number of formula is most suitable for your child. 

The Combiotik is a formula that has especially HiPP very close to the natural breast milk oriented. 

For children with a high risk of allergies, HA (hypoallergenic) is recommended. In this case, the protein in the milk is strongly split and thus ensures a reduced likelihood of allergies to lactose. Otherwise, the nutrients are just as equivalent as the other Combiotik varieties from HiPP. 

Comfort Spezial is particularly suitable for diet management in cases of flatulence, lactose-induced 3-month colic and constipation in infancy. 

Anti-Reflux is suitable for diet management in cases of increased spitting up or belching in infancy. // The older the baby gets, the more the requirements of the nutrients our darlings need change. In order to become fair it gives particularly in the first year of life different sorts around a best possible development of your child to promote! The age in the first year of life is calculated in months. 

  • The initial milk is intended from birth.
  • The follow-on milk 2 from the 6th month.
  • The follow-on milk 3 from the 10th month.
  • From the 12th month / 1st completed year of life the infant milk 1+. 

We hope that our information will give you a good first insight into the different types. However, we also recommend asking your doctor for advice if you are unsure.



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