Beeskin Beeswax Wrap Standard Size: S 1pc

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Size: 17 x 17cm

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Keep food fresh longer! 

Covers an open bottle of wine, protects fruit, such as a sliced apple or a peeled tangerine, longer from drying out and packs vegetables such as sliced cucumber, avocado or onion. The beeswax cloth can be washed off and be reused.  

Note: Beeskins can be used for all foods. Cheese, bread and mushrooms that would quickly mold under plastic stay fresh longer. All raw materials are delivered in Berlin and processed on site. Finished products are packaged and shipped locally. beeskins should NOT be used on raw meat and fish (as beeskin should not be washed hot), and pineapple (has an enzyme that breaks down the coating). Do not use if you are allergic to rosin.

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