Bundgaard Children Rubber Boots Blood Orange 1Pr. 30

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- Fit: wide

- Fixed heel cap that provides support and stability

- A firm toe cap offers a lot of space and protects the toes

- A removable insole makes it easy to check whether the size is correct

- both at purchase and continuously while wearing

- The reflector details at the back make the boot visible in the dark

- Soft and flexible

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The best companions on rainy days

With the Bundgaard rubber boots, jumping through puddles is twice as much fun. The material is not only stable, but also soft and flexible.

Care instructions: Care of the rubber boots will extend their life span and keep them strong and flexible without tearing. It is not difficult to take good care of the rubber boots; a care product can be bought directly in the store or alternatively a natural oil can be used instead (e.g. a tasteless oil from the kitchen). Always apply the care product with a sponge or cloth. When the rubber boots are washed, do not dry them on the radiator or any other heat source. This can cause cracks in the rubber, making it difficult to make the rubber boots completely waterproof.

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