GSE Zinc Compact 30g

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Zinc - an essential trace element 

Zinc is essential for our health. The trace element plays a role in a multitude of metabolic reactions: It is involved in the function of about 300 enzymes of the cell metabolism and is contained in 50 enzymes. For example, it is important for protein synthesis and cell division - and thus also contributes to the maintenance of normal skin, hair and nails. The body also depends on zinc to maintain normal hormone levels (e.g. testosterone). Zinc is also important for digestion, blood formation, sperm production and, above all, for the body's defensive function. The human body contains about two grams of zinc. We store most of it in skin, hair and bones. However, because the storage of zinc is only possible for a short time and the body cannot form the trace element itself, it must be supplied through daily nutrition or a high-quality food supplement.

The high-quality amber glass packaging optimally protects the valuable ingredients. 

Ingredients: Maltodextrin*, guava leaf extract* (Psidium guajava).

*from organic farming

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