Gruenspecht Oral Care Finger Glove "Silber Fee" 2pcs.

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- One side for massaging and one for cleaning
- To get used to the daily dental care
- Remains antibacterial, thanks to the silver content
- Standard size
- Twin pack for application in the morning and evening

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Tooth alert!

The oral care finger glove consists of two sides for massaging the gums and cleaning baby’s first teeth. The smooth side massages your baby’s gums to help teethe. The soft side’s large surface makes it perfect for cleaning babies‘ first teeth. Unlike normal toothbrushes, you can apply targeted pressure and avoid gum injuries. Introduce your baby to toothbrushing in a playful way with the “silver fairy” or use the mouth care finger glove yourself for speedy, pleasant tongue cleaning. The antibacterial silver finish stops bacteria growth in its tracks, letting your mouth care finger glove stay antibacterial*.

Safety note:
- No toy.
- Do not leave your child unattended with the finger stall.
- Check the finger stall before every single use.
- Replace it immediately, if you find the first signs of damage or defects!

Care note:
- Please clean the finger stall thoroughly with water approx. 40 °C warm before the first use.
- Rinse the finger stall under running warm water after every application. Then squeeze it thoroughly and dry it in a light, hygienic place.
- The practical double pack makes alternating use in the morning and evening possible.
- If you use it daily, replace it after 4 to 6 weeks.
- Please do not clean it in the washing machine or the dishwasher.

Material: 55 % polyester, 30 % polyamide, 15 % elastane.

*The biocidal active ingredient silver sodium hydrogen zirconium phosphate (CAS no. 265 647-11-8) in fibre polymer helps prevent microorganisms settling and multiplying in the finger glove, thanks to its antibacterial activity.

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