ÖkoNorm Wax Color Cones 12 Colors

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Ergonomic wax crayon

The new generation of nawaro wax crayons will stimulate your imagination and promote creativity. Our wax cones (#70615 - #70616) and mini wax crayons (#73021-#73022) are suitable for small children and people with restricted hand mobility. With our next creation -Wax-Tex crayons- (#76315) you can design your own prints on the T-shirt or shopping bags! Stearin used in this product derives from palm oil, harvested on regional organic farms. Wrapped in recycled paper. A slight white haze on the wax crayons, the wax bloom, is a proof of quality and indicates a high proportion of pure beeswax.

Wax cones are suitable for small children and people with restricted hand or arm mobility. Ergonomic shape allows drawing with thick lines to cover large surfaces. The drop-like shape prevents hand cramps. The wax cones are ideal for first drawing exercises. Break resistant, economical in use and washable. Special coating keeps the hands always clean. Enjoy spot-free drawing with bright, non-toxic colors!

Note: gluten-free, vegan, peanut free

Ingredients: polyethylene waxes (derived from ethylene polymerization), organic pigments.

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