Primavera Lemon Verbena Andes bio* bio 1ml

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This verbena is found exclusively in the sacred Inca Valley, where it grows in an altitudinal belt between 2700-2900 meters above sea level. The shrub is called "Cedron" or "Cedroncillo" by the Spanish, the Quechua Indians call it "Huamanseco". The essential oil lemon verbena Andes bio* from Peru has captured the high altitude mountain air and is characterized by a particularly clear and fresh scent.

Directions of use: Apply a few drops of the fragrance blend to a fragrance carrier, such as a fragrance stone or similar.

From: Peru


  • In case of ingestion: Rinse out mouth. Do NOT induce vomiting.
  • In case of contact with skin (or hair): Remove all contaminated clothing immediately. Wash skin with water [or shower].
  • Keep under lock and key. Dispose of contents/container to hazardous waste collection point. Do not use undiluted. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.

Ingredients: Aloysia citriodora

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