Sonett Toilet Cleaner Cedar-Citronella 750ml

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- 100% vegetable, without petrochemicals
- Effectively removes dirt, urine and hard water deposits
- Pure essential oils from certified
- organic cultivation
- 100% biodegradable

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Effectively removes dirt, urine and hard water deposits

Thanks to the products good adhesion to the walls of the toilet bowl, its entire active performance may be fully exploited. A mixture of natural essential oils containing coniferous tree oils ensures an effective reduction of germs and a fresh scent.

Ranges of application: For normal toilet cleaning, spray the cleaner sparingly underneath the rim of the bowl and scrub with the brush. In case of stubborn dirt and urine deposits, leave cleaner on to act overnight and rinse the following day. Repeat process if necessary. For iron and manganese deposits in toilets use Sonett Scouring Powder.

Ingredients: Citric acid 5 - 15%, Vegetable alcohol (ethanol) 5 - 15%, Coconut oil alcohol sulphate and sugar surfactants 1 - 5%, Vegetable thickening agent <1%, Natural essential oils of cedar and citronella, certified organically grown  <1%, Balsamic additives, certified organically grown/collection from wild-growing plants <1%, Water, swirled up to 100%

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