Yaweco Dental Floss 1pc

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  • Dental floss: silk and beeswax.
  • The can in which the silk is packed is made of a PP with an additive that causes the material to completely decompose in the environment of organic matter (compost, landfill) within a few years. On the other hand, it can withstand the warm and humid climate in a bathroom.
  • Packaging: The packaging is made entirely of cardboard.

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Dental floss with beeswax from Yaweco 

The raw material of dental floss is pure silk. What do you associate with silk? ... soft. Luxury. In fact, it's softer than conventional dental flosses, which are usually made of nylon (PA). Silk is softer and not as smooth as a plastic thread. Therefore, silk cleans more thoroughly than other products, which is visible and noticeable. The yaweco dental floss is waxed with beeswax, which makes it easier to use. Traces of the wax can stick to the tooth when threading through it and thus remain in the mouth. This is another reason why it is good to know that the wax is not synthetic, but of natural origin. The tin or dispenser is sturdy, hygienic and well suited for traveling. 

Directions for use: Turn the lid to cover or open the protruding floss end and blade. Here you can pull out a piece of floss as long as you like and cut it off at the knife. Wrap the ends of the piece around the fingers of both hands and use the center piece to pass through the teeth sideways. Continue wrapping a piece after each tooth and continue.

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