Disana Felt-Shopper

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Organic recycled felt made from 100% virgin wool

The disana bags made from organic recycled felt not only look great, are super practical and come in beautiful bright colors. They also have a story to tell. Because in every disana bag there is a sweater, a bib or a hat.

During the production of disana clothing, cuttings are left over. Several tons every year. Too small to sew anything else out of them. Made of fine organic wool but far too precious to simply throw away. In a unique upcycling project, disana has these scraps shredded back into a fine wool fleece and uses them to make disana felt. Thanks to pure merino wool, it is wonderfully soft and supple, yet robust, and thus made for a beautiful bag.

A bag with a history.

Size: 40 x 40 x 20 cm

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