Holle Organic Vegetable Variety 190g

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  • vegetable of all kinds
  • from 6 months
  • 190 g
  • Demeter

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Vegetable jars are ideal for starting with complementary food after the 4th month. For older babies, there are menu varieties. Junior jars, after the 8th month, are suitable as a transition to family food, as these have a slightly chunkier consistency. The jars are practical for on the go or when things have to be done quickly.

Preparation: Easy to use. Warm the whole jar or partial portion in a water bath (37 °C), stir and feed.

Production: All Holle baby jars are produced without added sugar and salt, without binding agents, without yeast, without egg and without milk and milk components (milk protein, lactose).

Note: For enrichment with valuable fatty acids, the addition of 2 tsp of complementary food oil is recommended. When introducing complementary food, start with a few spoonfuls and gradually increase the amount according to your baby's needs. Remainder in resealed jar will keep for 2 days in the refrigerator.

Ingredients: Vegetables 77% (carrot* 51%, potato* 16%, leek* 8%, spinach** 4%, parsnip* 4%), water.

*from biodynamic agriculture

**from organic farming

Countries of origin of the main ingredients: Germany / Italy / Netherlands / Austria

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