Jislaine Olive-Oil Soap 200g

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- from pure organic olive oil

- handcrafted in the traditional way

- gentle cleansing for hands, body and face

- makes dry and sensitive skin velvety soft again

- vegan

Kategorie: Solid Hand- & Shower Soap

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With valuable vegetable oil - promotes the elasticity of the skin

Olive oil is ideally suited as a body care product due to its fatty acid composition, which is very similar to that of the subcutaneous tissue. The fatty acids - especially the linoleic acid contained in olive oil - are necessary for building the natural barrier that protects the skin from drying out. Furthermore, the valuable vegetable oil has a high content of vitamin E which supports the elasticity of the skin. The advantage of exclusively high-quality, cold-pressed olive oil lies in its antioxidant effect: in contrast to refined, processed olive oil, cold-pressed olive oil still contains a high proportion of radical scavengers (polyphenols) which protect the cells. Because of these positive properties for the skin, olive oil is often used as the basis for high-quality soaps. Pure olive oil soaps foam relatively little, but olive oil soap is extremely mild and skin-friendly. Especially people with sensitive skin, who react sensitively to many cleansing products, prefer to use olive oil soap. The cold pressed olive oil from first pressing is ideal for body care, as its fatty acid composition is very similar to that of the subcutaneous tissue. It cleanses the skin particularly gently and provides lasting care. The valuable vegetable oil has a high content of vitamin E, which promotes the elasticity of the skin.

Ingredients (INCI): Sodium Olivate (saponified olive oil), Aqua (water), Glycerine, Sodium Chloride (table salt), Sodium Hydroxide.

Free of palm oil, animal ingredients, colorants, fragrances and preservatives.

200g +- 20g. The weight depends on the degree of drying.

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