Arche Kimchi 270g

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  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Filling weight 270g / drained weight 240g

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Kimchi - Fermented vegetables

Filling quantity 270g / drained weight 240g

Kimchi is a traditional Korean vegetable specialty. ARCHE Kimchi made of white cabbage, carrots, onions and spices tastes spicy, piquant and fresh. It is a versatile side dish for various dishes, tastes good in soups, wraps or bowls as well as in Korean pancakes made from mung beans, optionally with meat or vegan. ARCHE Kimchi can also be enjoyed straight from the jar without further processing.

Note: Store in a cool place when opened and consume within five days.

Ingredients: White cabbage* (84%), carrots* (8%), salt, spices* (paprika granules*, chili*, paprika powder* sweet), onions* (1.7%), garlic*, ginger*.

*from organic farming

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