Primavera Frankincense African organic 5ml

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Primavera Frankincense african organic

Fragrance note - base note
Fragrance profile - tart, sweet
Fragrance theme - relaxing
Skin effects - acne, oily skin, skin soothing, regenerating, skin caring, mature, demanding skin
Origin - Somalia
Plant part - resin

Category: Essential Oils

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Sensuality, exhaustion & stress - Frankincense African organic

// The essential oil Frankincense African organic (formerly Arabic) smells resinous, sweet, balsamic, it has a balancing, cleansing, skin soothing and is skin regenerating. The essential oil (bot. Boswellia carterii) is used for skin care and has proved very useful for irritated skin. When the property of contracting is required, frankincense African (formerly Arabic) is an important ingredient in proprietary aroma blends, so for example, for coarse-pored skin or for leg care for heavy legs.

// Its regenerating abilities make the essential oil very valuable in scar oils. Very popular is the combination with myrrh bio for brittle, cracked skin as a skin protection balm. In aromatherapy for the psyche, the scent of frankincense essential oil African/Arabian is also used for inspirational fragrance blends and supports introspection //. The essential oil of frankincense African, formerly Arabic (bot. Boswellia carterii) is comparable to frankincense Indian (bot. Boswellia serrata) in terms of the main effect and ingredients. The scent differs, because frankincense Indian smells fresher and less sweet. Frankincense African is more balsamic in scent. The botanical names Boswellia carterii and Boswellia carteri can be used synonymously for frankincense African.

// The essential oil is extracted from the resin of a balsam tree (Boswellia) that grows in arid regions of Africa, India, and the Near East (e.g., Oman, Yemen). The resin (olibanum) of the Boswellia tree is collected, dried and sorted. It is then either used as resin (e.g. for incense) or processed into essential oil or extracts.

// The area of Africa and the Near East used to be called Arabia, which is why this name can also be found in the essential oils. Until now, the frankincense oil from Africa (Somaliland) was sold at PRIMAVERA under the product name "Frankincense Arabian", from September 22 we offer the product as "Frankincense African organic". The frequently mentioned boswellic acid occurs in the frankincense resin, but not in the essential oil. Boswellic acid does not pass into the essential oil during steam distillation or water boiling distillation. It is obtained via other extraction processes.

// Ingredients: Boswellia Serrata Oil, Limonene**.

** natural component of the essential oil

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Contents:5.00 ml

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