Holle Organic Infant Formula

Holle organic infant formulas

For the well-being of your child, Holle baby food quality and naturalness always comes first. That is why Holle offers baby food from the best organic farming and thus sets the foundation for healthy nutrition "from the very beginning" - and has done so for over 80 years. Holle uncompromisingly refrains from chemical processing and preservatives, flavorings and colorings as well as salt or granulated sugar.

Holle baby food products are gently and wholesomely processed and stand for a natural, nutritionally balanced and varied diet from the very beginning.

There are different types of infant milk, especially Holle has 3 different types in total. Holle Infant and follow-on formula, Goat infant formula and A2 formula, but what is the difference between them?

Normal Holle Cowmilk Infant and follow-on Formula:

  • Biodynamically cowmilk
  • European standards for ingredients


  • Goatmilk from pastures and fields living Goats
  • alternative for Baby's with Intolerance about normal Cowmilk
  • protein from Goatmilk are different to cowmilk


  • The beta-casein of A1 and A2 milk mainly difference
  • while digestion of A2 milk produce no more BCM7 (good for you Baby)

1 manufacturer but 2 brands, Lebenswert and Holle, the difference:

Lebenswert is produced by the same company as other Holle products, the difference is that Holle uses Demeter organically grown ingredients, while Lebenswert is certified by the German Biolandverband. The Biolandverband has stricter requirements in the area of organic ingredients than is usual in the EU. This means that Lebenswert products are subject to much stricter requirements than other Holle products. Both products are wonderful and high quality products with the same goal: a high quality, healthy and balanced diet for your child and that from the best of the nature.

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